Do You Know Who Owns The Chicago Bears And Keeps This Team As A Legend?

Virginia Halas McCaskey, who owns the Chicago Bears, is the eldest girl of the legend George Halas, the founder of this prominent team. In 2020, she turns 97. Her life is considered very remarkable for all Chicago Bears time, and it is a fact. She continued Halas’ ownership in 1983, once the founder dead at 88 years of age.

Interesting Facts About Who Owns The Chicago Bears


There were interesting stories about Virginia Halas, since she was still a baby until the death of his father. Keep reading to find out those stories:

1.She Was Expected To Be A Baby Boy

The parents of Virginia, George Halas and Minnie Bushing Halas weren’t expected their firstborn to be a girl. They expected a baby boy to continue the ownership of the Chicago Bears. They already prepared ‘George Stanley Halas Jr.’ as the name of their firstborn. They didn’t give the name to the baby girl for several times until they named her Virginia Maron eventually.  Virginia herself, when she already grew up, understood that her dad wasn’t really expecting her to feel the same passion that her father had for Chicago Bears. Besides, her dad wanted her to become a civil engineer instead of owning the Chicago Bears in time to come.

  1. The Main Attraction of the less popular Chicago Bears in the 20s

Football pro teams were less popular than college teams. The same thing applies to Chicago Bears. Red Grange and George Halas were struggling very hard to get audiences to the stadium.  Virginia was still 3 years old at that time, and she won people’s attention at that time. After a year or so, Chicago Bears was outstandingly popular, particularly Grange.

  1. How Grange Sneaked Past Their Fans

When Chicago Bears turned out to be very popular, every fan would wait for the train that accommodated the team members. They were mostly waiting for Grange. Then, it was the time when Grange was wearing a hat and sunglasses by holding Virginia. Fans would not recognize a man with a baby on his hand as their favorite player.

  1. Becoming a ‘Boss’ Never Crossed Her Mind

Virginia’s little brother, George Halas Jr., was expected to replace their father’s position in Chicago Bears. It didn’t happen as her brother died before her dad.  He died in 1979. The death of George Halas in 1983 urged Virginia to own this iconic NFL team.  Though she is now listed as the ‘secretary’ of the team, she is actually the owner. Nobody doubts that.

  1. Majoring in Secretarial Studies at Drexel University

In 1939, she enrolled at Philadelphia’s Drexel University. She was 16 at that time, who happened to be the coach of basketball, baseball, and football of the university. She admitted that she chose the study because she wanted to be the secretary of her dad in the Chicago Bears.  Four years later, she married Edward McCaskey and raised eleven children.

  1. Chicago Bears Is Not Really A ‘Family’s Club

While Chicago Bears’ fans never mind seeing ‘The Halas’ in the team, Virginia didn’t mind to replace her son’s position as the team president with Ted Philips. It was 1999 when Philips replaced Michael McCaskey. Virginia told that she still expected Mike to contribute good things to the club as the board chairman. But, Michael retired twelve years later. Ted Philips remains as the Chicago Bears’ president at this moment.

For Virginia, replacing her son with another capable person was not a sad day. The real sad day for her is the day when Chicago Bears lose any game. Her decision was derived from her vision to keep their father’s desire to maintain a solid team.

  1. Honey Bears Was A History

In 1977, Honey Bears was becoming the entertainment part of Chicago Bears’ fans. This cheerleading squad turned out to be history, right at the end of the 1985 season. For Virginia, the cheerleading squad was not really useful. She always expects that the team can maintain its charm, without even having a cheerleader squad. For her, a cheerleader squad suits for college teams instead of pros.

The Iron Woman Still Rules

Virginia Halas, who owns the Chicago Bears, is still considered as the strongest and most extraordinary football team owner, until now. Many people agree that her dedication to the Chicago Bears is endless.

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