Chicago Bears Interesting Facts That Amaze Worldwide’s Football Fans

Chicago Bears interesting facts are always fun to find. For decades, Chicago Bears rules! This outstanding National Football League team is still the idol of every football fan. This is the most popular American football team since the early 19th.

Based in Chicago, Illinois, it was George Hallas, who established this team.  Under his coaching, Chicago Bears experiences the highest number of winning games. So far, it is hard to believe why this team becomes the main representation of the popularity of football in the United States. Besides its long establishment, Chicago Bears are very well known as spectacular achievements.

Other Chicago Bears Interesting Facts that You Might Not Know

1.Is It The Original Name?

The origin name of this team is Decatur Staleys. The reason was that this team was founded in Decatur. Then, this team was owned by the A.E. Staley Starch Company.

  1. Successive Success

The Chicago Bears recorded such a striking achievement during the NFL’s first six seasons. It was recorded that the Bears successfully won 34 games at the specified time.

  1. The logo

The logo Chicago Bears was derived from the Chicago Cardinals. It was also an NFL team that only lasted twenty-seven years, from 1920. However, its mascot was altered to Bears in 1922. It was Halas who changed the previously Staleys’ icon. Halas also chose the navy blue color, which resembled the theme color of the Illinois College Football Team.


  1. The Soldier Field

This is the home of The Bears since 1974. But, this stadium is actually the NFL’s oldest stadium which was founded in 1924.  Previously, The Bears played at Wrigley Field.

  1. The Beginning of A College Degree Pursue by Becoming an Athlete

In the beginning years of The Chicago bears, NFL asked for college students to join pro teams. It was very uncommon during the era when athletes didn’t get huge salaries during the years. College students preferred to play for their own college teams, as they can gather lots of crowds!  Then, it was Red Grange, the popular college football player, who started the era of college students’ recruitment for professional NFL teams.

  1. The Worst and Best Season
1985 Chicago Bears
1985 Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears once suffered from its worst season under the coach Jim Dooley in 1969. It reached its best season under the coach Mike Ditka in 1985.

  1. Bears’ Domination

During the 1940s, The Bears turned out to be the most dominant NFL. It won four championships out of five. The T-formation, using two backs, was the main reason, why this team is unbeatable. It was the era of Sid Luckman, one of the Bears’ Hall of Famer.

  1. The Suffering Bears In the Millennium

The Chicago Bears under Marc Trestman and John Fox’s coaching was such a tragedy from 2013 to 2017. Many fans blamed the Bears quarterback, Jay Cutler who performed inconsistently.

Can Chicago Bears Reach Its Triumphant Era Ever Again?

Chicago bears interesting facts include the ownership of Virginia Halas McCaskey since 1983. All fans really count on her, as well as the coach Matt Naggy to bring back the triumphant era ever again.

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