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6 NFL stadium facts that can blow your mind

The fact that American football captivates fans across the country is undeniable. Thus unique sport is full of charm in a way that it is really an exciting action-packed game and family-friendly fun. There are a lot of interesting things about the National Football League (NFL). We’ve already discuss about NFL History. The other interesting things are the game itself, the players, the events, and the stadiums. Talking about the stadiums, NFL has superb stadiums for the games to take place. Here are some NFL stadium facts that can add knowledge and interest about American football.

How many NFL stadiums are they?

As there are 32 NFL teams, you must have guessed that there were 32 stadiums. The fact is that there are only 30 NFL stadiums. It is because some teams share the same stadium. The Los Angeles Changers and the Los Angeles Rams use the same stadium, which is SoFi Stadium located in Inglewood. Meanwhile, New York Jets share MetLife Stadium with the New York Giants.

What is the oldest NFL stadium?

soldier field photo

Soldier Field the home of the Chicago Bears is the first NFL stadium built in 1924. It is situated not far from the Chicago downtown area, below some main highways. Being the oldest stadium, Soldier Field has hosted numerous events. However, the Super Bowl is never held hear as the stadium neither has a roof not enough seats.

The largest NFL stadium

In teams of seating and capacity, AT&T Stadium is the largest NFL stadium of all. It has the capacity for more than 100,000 spectators. MetLife Stadium which is also considered as one of the biggest stadium has only 82,300 seating capacity. Because it is very big, even whole Statue of Liberty can fit inside the stadium even when the roof closes. Can you imagine how big it is? Due to the large space, this stadium is perfect for a tour.

The nicest stadium

The NFL 30 stadiums are not created equal in terms of luxury or capacity. Some stadiums are perfectly built with all of the advanced technologies and luxury while some are just okay. Among the nicest ones is Lambeau Field. The stadium has everything such as meeting space, atrium, commercial outlets, and Packers Hall of Fame museum.

Every year, there is an expansion and more seating capacity is added. Currently the seating capacity is more than 81,000. Lambeau Field has a special nickname, “Frozen Tundra” as this outdoor stadium is situated in a cold-weather city.

Lambeau Field is also famous as it ever hosted a very memorable event, the “Ice Bowl”. In the event, Packers met the Dallas Cowboys to win the NFL championship. It was on December 21, 1967, when the weather was so cold and the temperature was below zero. The Packers won the competition with score 21-17. Until todays, the turf of the stadium has been heated electrically so that it won’t freeze in cold extremely cold weather.

What is the most expensive stadium?

metlife stadium photo
Photo by Anthony Quintano

Can you guess how much money needed for the construction of MetLife Stadium? It is more than $1.6 billion, making MetLife Stadium the most expensive NFL stadium ever built. This stadium is operated through a joint venture between the Jets and the Giants. It firstly opened on May 25, 2010.

After knowing the NFL stadium facts above, have you decided which one you like the most? Is it the most expensive one? Or, do you like the biggest one? Apart from the aforementioned stadiums, there are actually other interesting NFL stadiums that can be a nice stop on your NFL stadium tour such as the Heinz Field in Pennsylvania or the Bank of America Stadium in North Carolina.


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