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6 NFL history facts from the first time it was invented

The real roots of American football is difficult to trace as this game already has already been played since the mid-nineteenth century. It means that Walter Camp didn’t invent the game. He is considered as the father of American Football because he created and developed most of the game rules so football became safer to play. Below are some NFL history facts that briefly explains how the game developed.

When was NFL founded?

American Professional Football

NFL was officially founded in 1920. First it was called as the American Professional Football (APFA). Association but two years later, the name was changed into the National Football League (NFL) as what we know today. NFL was established to promote the sport, establish the game credibility, and standardize the rule for official sport competition.

Team and franchise recognition

The first NFL teams in 1920 included only 10 teams. They are Akron Pros, Muncie Flyers, Rochester Jefferson, Decatur Staley, Cleveland Indians, Chicago Cardinals, Hammond Pros, Dayton Triangles, and Rock Island Independents. All of these teams were sponsored by wealthy investors and businesses.

The first playoffs and new teams

NFL Firs PlayoffsIn the 1930s, NFL and the way championships were awarded changed. At that time, the team achieving the highest winning percentage would won. However, the Portsmouth Spartans and Chicago Bears finished the game tied for first. The league worked against playoff games by reversing a long-time rule and holding the first NFL Championship Game.

The playoff game led to a fruitful ending to the season so that the in 1933 the league innovated the system, resulting in the separation of past and college football. Now the teams in the league were divided into two divisions namely the Western Division and Eastern Division. This new rule was a great success, and with playoff runs to follow, more fans were addicted to the game.

Integration in the NFL

Unlike segregation in baseball, segregation in NFL is not discussed a lot, but there was a complete segregation in NFL between 1930s – 1940s. In the late 1940s, most of the teams hand manage to integrate their teams. Three teams were merged by the AAFC. These 3 trams were San Francisco 49ers, Baltimore Colts, and Cleveland Browns, followed by other teams that started to integrate slowly in the beginning of 1950s.

In the 1950s, NFL started holding competition from other leagues. The league stated to sign a television contract in 1059 and it had 8 teams. Among the teams belonging to NFL at that time were Dallas Texas, Buffalo Bills, Los Angeles Chargers, Oakland Raiders, and Houston Oilers.

The First Super Bowl Era Dynasties

In the 2000s, there was a big change for the NFL where Roger Goodell was chosen as the new commissioner. Even though Goodell has received criticism from many, the change he has made gives positive impacts to the game.

American football has a special place in Americans. The NFL history facts above shows that American football is not merely a sport or a game but it has a historical value. In other words, it is rich of culture and heritage. Since it the first time it was played, it has set a habit and a culture of loyalty, competition, and sense of belonging to place.

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