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8 NFL Fun Facts Of Some Famous Players

Who is your favorite NFL player? Is it Lamar Jackson, Aaron Donald, Russell Wilson, or another top top-ranked player of the year? Probably you also admire the legends of NFL like Tom Brady, Jerry Rice, Jim Brown, or other great players in NFL history. Whoever your favorite players are, what do you know about them? You perhaps know about how old they are, from what NFL team they are, and what achievements they have made. Apart from that kind of general information, there are some NFL fun facts about some players that are still not widely known.

Who Is The Richest NFL Player In The World

Roger Staubach
Roger Staubach

Do you know Roger Staubach? He is one of the notable former American NFL player who began his career in 1969 with Dallas Cowboys. Currently, his net worth is $600 million. This is what makes Staubach the wealthiest NFL player in the entire world.

NFL Player With The Most Number Of Children

You must be familiar with Antonio Cromarties. This former NFL player the last time played for the Indianapolis Colts 4 years ago. Before that, he had played for some others NFL teams, too. After he retired from NFL, he spends his life as an actor. He got married to Terricka Cason in 2010

His life as a stay-at-home dad has been portrayed in a reality TV show, The Cromarties, aired on the USA Network. You can watch it on social media as well. From the TV show, it was revealed that Antonia Cromarties has 14 kids, making him the NFL player who have the most number of children. Among the 14 kids, eight were born from multiple different women.

NFL Player With The Most Instagram Followers

Odell Beckham
Odell Beckham

With the presence of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, people can get more famous in a second. It’s Odell Beckham who has more than 14 million followers on his Instagram. There is another interesting fact about this 28 years old guy. Due to his sure name, many people are wondering whether he is related to David Beckham. The two Beckham are apparently not related.

Jeremy Maclin Has A Similar Life Story As Michael Oher In “Blind Side”

Jeremy Maclin
Jeremy Maclin

The inspiring American drama movie “Blind Side” was premiered on the cinema fifteen years ago. The popular movie starring Sandra Bullock is about the life of Michael Oher, a homeless youngster adopted by a kind-hearted white family who helps him to pursue his dream as an American footballer.

Just like Michael Oher, the path of Jeremy Maclin to succeed was also not easy. He grew up with his mother in a troubled neighborhood without knowing who his biological dad was. Then, he was adopted by his little league coach, Jeff Paris.

A Superstar In High School Who Appeared On MTV

Tim Tebow
Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow has been a celebrity since he was in high school. He appeared on an episode of “Two-A-Days”, a short-lived MTV reality show. The show’s premiere episode features a match between Hoover High and Tebow’s Nease High School.

Who Is The Most Charitable NFL Player?

Ndamukong Suh
Ndamukong Suh

Many NFL players are known to be very generous. One of them is. He is considered as one of the most charitable athletes. He and his sibling built the Ndamukong Suh Family Foundation in 2020. This foundation is dedicated to wellness, health, and education at global scale. He has donated millions of money since then.

Above are just a few NFL fun facts revealed from some prevalent players. There are still other surprising facts that will definitely blow your mind. American football is indeed an interesting game not only because the game itself but due to the stories behind it. Read also about NFL Stadium Facts to complete your information about NFL.

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