Basketball History

Any Ideas About Fun Facts About Basketball History?

Fun facts about basketball history are always interesting to find, particularly for nowadays’ kids. They might have not known that their favorite sports branch has such a long history. The history includes the struggle of the famous players,  what was the basket made of, and other amusing facts that people today might be surprised.

Fun Facts About Basketball History Can Make Everyone Loves This Sports Branch

Believe it or not, basketball has lots of stories to tell. Its popularity worldwide is unbeatable, though people still consider that this sports branch was originated from the USA. Is it true?

Founder Of Basketball

It was Dr. James Naismith who invented basketball. As the physical education teacher, he was developing a game that he considered very beneficial in strength development and spirit improvement among his students. He introduced this game to his students in 1891. And, Naismith is a Canadian. It means basketball was originated in Canada.


-Fact #2: Peach Basket

Players were trying to shoot the ball into a basket. Yes, it was still applicable when basketball was first invented. But, the kind of basket that those players were aiming for was actually peach baskets with a hole in the bottom. The hole was there so the ball can be removed by using a rod. The invention of the metal hoop was in 1906.

-Fact #3: Using A Soccerball

It is hard to believe that basketball players were using a soccer ball before the 1950s. As the soccer ball was a little bit slippery, the players were using the coal dust to avoid the slippery feeling. However, it was Tony Hinkle who invented the orange ball in the 1950s. The orange color was meant to be visible among players and audiences

– Fact #4: Firstly Introduced In 1904

Basketball firstly joined the Olympic 1904 as the exhibition game. Yet, the game was becoming the official sports branch in Berlin Olympic 1936. But, it was only for males until the Olympic 1976, Canada when women finally got the chance for joining the competition.

– Fact #5: The USA Domination

The fact that the USA dominates this game is not unknown. Even the US basketball team dominated since the Berlin Olympics in 1936. The domination applies to both men and women teams. The domination has surely been influenced by the highly reputable NBA competition, in which each team in NBA is dominated by the national USA basketball team.

– Fact #6: Are All Basketball Players Tall?

James Naismith photo

We all know that all basketball players are always all, with the approximate height reaches 7 feet. But, there is a very popular basket player with ‘only’ 5 feet and 3 inches. He is Muggsy Bogues. However, his physics is still a blessing. His contribution to Charlotte Hornets remains unbeatable.

– Fact #7: NBA As The Basketball Icon

NBA photo

Yes, the NBA is still the most popular competition which attracts millions of basketball lovers worldwide. Prominent players are classified as celebrities and become the ambassadors for prominent fashion brands. Besides, all players in the NBA have the highest salaries among other professional basketball players worldwide. Unfortunately, it is estimated that 50% of NBA players suffer from bankruptcy after five or six years of retirement.

-Fact #8:  The History of Hoops’ Backboard

The backboard which is now used for the basketball hoops is not without a reason. It was made by purpose because the old days’ spectators were interfering with the ball shots.

Is It A Prestigious Sports Branch?

The fun facts about basketball history have come to the conclusion that basketball is classified as one of the oldest, yet the most dominant sports branch, after soccer. But,  basketball is considered to have a higher level of prestige than soccer.


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